Work it, Girl!

I chose work wear as one of the first few blog because it is something that we do every day and when we do something on a daily basis, it is taken for granted and we usually do not put as much effort as we do, dressing to a party. Right or Wrong?  Well my mother always ask me to  dress for yourself, look good, feel good all the time rather waiting for an occasion to put in all that effort  but I never understood why. But, one day I decided to give it a try so I put on my heels, some make-up, well-fitted pants, a nice shirt, some accessories and went for a meeting. Self-realization: I was more vocal, confident and was much appreciated by my team. That’s when I realized it’s not about the clothes or make-up; it’s about how it makes you feel, its about the confidence, its about being easy with yourself. How you carry yourself communicates a lot to other people.

Clearly qualities like a dogged work ethic and professionalism will get you far, but what you wear also makes a major impact on your success and your personality. Sometimes it’s essential to remix our work wardrobes.

In a fashion friendly office (like mine), we don’t really have a dress code, but I know that that’s not the case in a lot of other workplaces. That’s why, I thought of sharing an office look which is safe-for-work and yet very trendy, suitable for different kind of body types, styles and set ups.

So, Are you ready to be the best dressed in the office?

Keep scrolling to see my favorite this season.

The key to stay trendy without breaking the bank is to keep updating your basic wardrobe by adding one trendy piece every month and you are done! Lately, I found my obsession in Off-the-shoulder shirts, I know that we’ve reached peak off-the-shoulder top fatigue. But this style is a bit different and fresh. After wearing it, I felt professional as well as trendy.

I have keenly demonstrated the way to instantly revitalize your basic work look by adding off the shoulder shirt which I bought just for 1000 Rs, from ZARA sale. This shirt is trendy, chic, professional, classy and perfect for any body type. For a more formal look, you can also tuck in your shirt.

Apart from my shirt everything I wore is very basic and I think, you all must be having something similar. White denim looks pretty sweet styled with the pastel blue A-line shirt. I totally loved how these two attire blended together so well and gave a perfect chic and fresh look. I paired it with classic nude pumps. Of course, no corporate look is complete without the neat and tidy hair-do. I made a twisted low pony tail which is my new favorite and the easiest hairstyle.

If you like this outfit, make sure to give a LIKE and don’t forget to comment below! And even if you don’t, just be easy to yourself and feel confident in whatever you wear 🙂


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely Blog Shivangi 🙂


  2. Aakriti says:

    Very Chic!love this look and I really like your writing 👍🏼
    How can i follow your blog ??is there any mobile app or something where i can get updates..please let me know!
    Waiting for your next blog..


    1. Thankyou so much Aakriti….Your words means a lot to me! You can follow me on Instagram… by the name _spoiledbyfashion and on Facebook too, there you’ll get all the updates. Much love!😘❤️


  3. Sam says:

    Your writing is very fresh and casual..easy to understand and relate..Great going girl!
    I feel for office wear you should have added more looks but thumbs up for this pastel look.


    1. Hi Sam! Thank you so much for your inputs, will surely consider!! 🙂


  4. Khushi says:

    Nice look❤️
    But I will be waiting for your bohemian look blog 😉


    1. Thank you for appreciating my work and motivating me through your love and comments!! I am definitely going to write a bohemian blog, but you ll have to wait a little more and I promise you that it ll be well worth the wait. Much love!!! :*


  5. Varun says:

    Well said Shivangi…
    Daily dress up is very very important…
    It gives you confidence and an edge over other…
    I am true believer of this…

    Good going..


    1. Thank you! am glad that you think the same way 🙂


  6. Varun says:

    Like your mother says..
    My friend used to say and follow…
    Every day we should get ready in a way like we are going to some marriage function (occasion)…

    And he is right which I realised little later..


  7. Anonymous says:

    Now this inspires me to give a thought on my tomorrows’ work outfit , your blog gives a comfort feel and is quiet relatable unlike few other .kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet! xx


  8. sonam says:

    Now this inspires me to give a thought on my tomorrows’ work outfit , your blog gives a comfort feel and is quiet relatable unlike few other .kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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