Hello loves,

This post is for all the Boho babies who always wanted to try this look but didn’t know how.

If you follow me on instagram, you must be knowing from my stories that I visited Bali and Kuala Lumpur in the last long weekend and throughout the trip I carried bohemian look but out of all, this one was perfect to write a blog on bohemian styling in my opinion.

Bohemian style is the most casual and carefree of the style types. So often we see bohemian looks in an earth tone palette- steering towards browns, camel tones, denims etc., but I’ve noticed you rarely see a bohemian look in bold/ bright colors, so to look a little more playful for beach I experimented with bright colors. This time I was really craving for something bohemian, easy and wanted to look playful at the same time.

I normally do not spend much on any outfit that’s not for a special occasion, but the print and color spoke to me in a way I couldn’t avoid with this set. I seriously cannot get enough of this beachwear set. This is the most comfortable outfit in my wardrobe at the moment. I love the bohemian print and little tassels on the shorts.

I teamed it up with a tan colored tassel flip flops from WESTSIDE. Lastly, I added some boho elements like this straw hat and a straw bag to match with it, some antique rings and a multi-layered neckpiece. I picked up this hat because its brim is not wide which I think makes it appropriate for the beach as well as every day wear. For make-up, I kept it really simple and skipped the lipstick this time. All in all I wanted to keep it simple boho look.


Beachwear set by OYSHO

Flip Flops by WESTSIDE

Sunglasses by VERO MODA

Accessories by ACCESSORIZE

Straw bag and Hat by a Bali street Market

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Let me know in the comments if you have anything special planned up for the weekend — I truly love hearing about what you guys are up to. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time. XO

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Khushi says:

    Boho boho..finally finally!!so happy you finally wrote it, thank you shivangi for this awesome blog on my request.
    Where to start from-i love what you the candid the comfort..the attitude you carry..waoh:0
    Oyosho is really comfortable brand but bit pricy right?
    Even i bought a beach wear and night dress from singapore..
    Big hug 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! finally I did it 😛
      Thanks love! So glad to know that! and yes Oysho is pricey but totally worth it 🙂


  2. Laxmi says:

    Hi Shivangi,
    Your blogs really inspire me to write one.
    You look so young but so dedicated to your work that in your holiday also you pour some time for your blog..that shows how passionate you are.
    Its a suggestion please take it in a positive sense, I really feel now its time for you to slighty spice up your blog, though it looks perfect because of you, your style, your writing to some extent but since you are fashion creative blogger you should keep doing something interesting.
    Also I strongly feel you have the ability to start your own brand, so what are you waiting for go for it.
    Good wishes


    1. Hey….Thank you love!!!This means so much Laxmi!!!
      I am very happy to hear from you…your advice is very logical,and I will take your advice. 🙂
      More power to you!
      Have a blessed day 🙂


  3. Neha says:

    Hi Shivangi,

    Love the way you pull off different looks with not so pricey brands!

    I was wondering if you could start a column wherein we could take suggestions on how to use those unused clothes lying in our cupboards:-)

    And yeah, welcome to Bangalore!! I’m based out of Bangalore as well 🙂


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