Holiday Dresses ft. MANGO

This place seems new! 😛

Oh yeah, this is my blog page which is totally neglected since the last couple of days.

But I am a warrior and I am back 😉

And someone said well… it’s never too late!

Tis the season’ for holiday parties! From work to family to friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. If I’ve learned anything in the past about dressing for the holidays it’s that you need to start shopping early to get the best pieces.  First dress is one I own, I found this little blue dress and was instantly taken.

For me, the comfy and chic look is all time favourite. I love wearing anything with ruffles! I bought this dress from Mango which was at a basic price. I love the flow and material of this dress. I paired the dress with my black pointed ballerina shoes and a black faux fur sling to give it a chic and elegant look.


Blue Dress by MANGO

Black Ballerina shoes by ADDONS

Sling bag by VERO MODA

Accessories by FOREVER21

While I love sequins, I find I usually only get one or two wears out of a sequin dress as opposed to something more versatile, so I don’t typically gravitate towards sequined dresses. That said, I’ve linked one below I think is great because it’s a bit more understated than your standard sequined piece.

You really can’t go wrong with a black dress that has some added flair to it — as it’s something you can have for years to come.

Below are a few more perfect dresses from MANGO for the holidays just because I can’t get enough.

Wrapped satin dress | MANGO  Combined lace dress  | MANGO

Guipure cotton dress | MANGO   Ruffled dress | MANGO  

Blonda detail dress | MANGO   Velvet cold-shoulder dress | MANGO

Sequined halter neck dress | MANGO   Flared sleeves guipur dress | MANGO

Maxi ruffles dress | MANGO

I usually celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends, so I’ll definitely be picking up a dress for that, and I also have a Christmas party with friends, but other than that we keep the holidays pretty casual. I typically take advantage of the fact that I can be comfy and cozy for a few days and try to cram in as much Netflix as I can.

Do you have any upcoming events you’ll need to be fancy for? I’d love to hear about them below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely blue dress; lovely you 🤗

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